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Custom Painting – Vinyl Shutters


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Here are the instructions to paint your custom vinyl shutters.  Make sure shutters are #049 – Paintable prior to painting them.  If the shutter is already color-through, most likely the product cannot be painted.   Our #049 – Paintable shutters are a cloudy white and must be painted.

  1. Do not expose the shutters to direct sunlight before, during, or immediately after painting.

*For Best Results – Shutters should be between 60ºF and 90ºF*

  1. Clean shutter panels using a mixture of ammonia and water (1 Cup per Gallon) or soap and water. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry for 1 hour.
  2. Prime shutter with a good primer, water or oil base, for use on plastic.
  3. Apply two coats of finish paint following the manufacturer’s recommendations on the amount of time between coats. The paint can be applied with a brush or spray following the paint manufacturer’s recommendations.

*For Best Results – Use a high quality oil base or latex paint for a top coat*

  1. Allow the shutters to dry four days prior to installation, especially if the shutters will be exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures. This will allow the paint to fully cure.


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