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Choosing the PERFECT SHUTTERS for your home or business can be an interesting process.  Exterior shutters are an affordable way to add value and curb appeal to your home.  Perfect Shutters, inc. has a complete line of shutters to complete or extend the look any style home. 

First you need to choose your style.   We offer a world of choices.  Explore the individual product pages to see what shutter works best with your style of house.  Remember, if you don’t find exactly what you think you want, call us and talk about what you want.  We can offer thousands of different configurations, but cannot possibly show them all.

After you have chosen style, you need to determine the width and length of your shutters.  Measure the length of each window or door and order the shutters in the same lengths.  We recommend that you do not include the frame of the window or door in your measurements, only the window or door itself.

For the width, we recommend a shutter that is half the width of your overall window or door.  This will allow for a look that gives your shutters a functional look.  Use the below chart as guideline to help you determine your width.  Remember to take into account any obstructions like down pipes, light fixtures, electrical fittings, etc.  Also, make sure you have adequate wall space for the width of the shutter.

The last step is to choose your color. For many the question is “What color is right for my home?” A dark color will tend to make your home look smaller than a light color. You can choose a color that complements, coordinates or contrasts. Keep in mind when you are selecting a color, you should take into consideration your current paint scheme and architectural elements of your home.

One last reminder. Do not stop by just adding shutters to the front of your house. Shutters will make your house stand out, so why not add the beauty to the rest of your house. It will provide your house with a more finished look and overall beauty.