About Us

Perfect Shutters, inc. was founded in 1976 (Changed name from Shutters Inc. in 2001). We started in a little town called Zenda, as a division of a local siding distributor with a natural link between selling siding and shutters. From the demand generated by siding contractors, we started making custom sized shutters from aluminum.


Overtime, the aluminum product evolved, which eventually lead us to the development of a new patented process. In 1979, we began producing a styrene product which gave us a durable paintable finish.  At this time we also outgrew our building in Zenda and relocated to Hebron, IL, which is where we currently reside. In 1990, a major product line improvement was the conversion to Dura-Prene™. This gave our product greater impact resistance and weatherability. Most of all, it provided a color-through product which eliminated painting and gave the consumer a virtually maintenance free shutter.

Over the years we have add many new styles and colors.  We are now offering 19 colors plus Paintable, which allows us to offer a complete custom match paint program.  Our main emphasis is to open the eyes of the consumer as to what their selection really is in today’s market. Our team is always hard at work bringing more new ideas to the market place, so be on the lookout for new and exciting ideas from Perfect Shutters, inc.

Perfect Shutters, inc. now offer more styles, sizes, colors, and configurations than any of our competitors in the custom vinyl shutter market. Over the past few years, we have added a full line of wood and composite shutters. Our line consists of many different styles, sizes, and color options. The great part of the addition, is that any customer can find the shutters they want or need, no matter the material, style, size, or color.